The month of december

December was mainly a month of adjusting to change. Being comfortable in education for 15+ years (in hindsight maybe too comfortable) then having it all come to an end with not much idea of what my next step was proved more difficult than I had anticipated. I felt “lost” for a while after I graduated (post uni blues I guess you could call it), but now I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of things and with a grasp of what I want to accomplish this year InshaAllah.

It was also the month of venturing outside of the “Nando’s box” when it came to dining outside. We visited Winter Wonderland, tried bibimbap (a Korean rice dish with assorted toppings/sauces), bingsu (Korean shaved ice), Korean fried chicken and more. One of my smaller goals this year is to really explore the city and you can expect to see a lot of that posted here! Now here’s a round-up of some of the month in photos 🙂


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